Why Choose Mulberry & Pier?

  • A family run business, whose 3 principals have over 100 years combined experience in the paint, protection and application industry. Together for the past 30 years, the 3 brothers have been providing specialist treatments and coatings across a wide spectrum of industries.

    We are extremely unique in the paint application industry due to our vast range of facilities. We have a large factory base HQ, producing shot-blasting, powder coating, stove enamelling and air-dry finishes, whilst operating full mobile service teams at the same time. As we do not employ contractors, all of our Staff are PAYE and work solely for us, thus we are able to materialise on-site anywhere 24/7 within hours of receiving instructions.

    We own and operate from our large factory base. In-house facilities comprise of 1800 m2 including 4 wet back spray booths, up to 7m wide, 3 box re-circulating ovens, up to 8m in length and in addition we have 60m2 of shot-blasting room. We operate a full system of documented bespoke written procedures. This all enables us to be in full control of our finishing processes from beginning through to completion.

    On-site, we are fully versatile in all types of on-site spraying. We own an extensive amount of specialised mobile equipment. We can accommodate out of hours, same day and/or 24-hour turnaround on all essential work. We also provide a free collection and delivery service.

    We cover the full comprehensive range of protective and aesthetic coatings to any substrate. From small repairs and touch-ups to complete re-coats of power stations.

  • Using the highest quality paints available, we have provided the full spectrum of coatings and finishes for over 30 years. To ensure we can fulfill your unique requirements, we offer a wide range of services including powder coating, shot-blasting, fire retards, stove enamelling, lacquering and more. We are completely versatile in all types of on-site spraying and offer a free collection and delivery service.

    With comprehensive facilities at our large factory HQ, all our services are completed in-house by our highly qualified staff. Our team is extensively trained in paint finishing to ensure we can complete the most challenging projects to an industry-leading standard. Keeping our services in-house ensures we can provide the best quality coatings to all our valued customers.

    Working closely with you, we will advise you on the best coating based on your individual needs and give you an idea of how long this finish will last and how much it will cost. All of the services we offer are affordable and incredibly flexible to suit your needs. We are prepared to work out of hours, at short notice and even travel to your site to turnaround projects as quickly as possible. We have all the necessary equipment, including compressors, generators, lights, towers, scaffolding and cherry pickers, to visit your site and complete the project.

    No matter what your needs are, we have the facilities, equipment and coating specialists needed to complete your project to the highest standard possible.

  • We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results and aim for a minimum design life of 15 years.

    All of the materials we use are of adequate and proven durability to enable the respective design life to be achieved. With every design, we work to maintain the structural and aesthetic integrity and protect all substrates from defects and/or collapse.

    To guarantee high-quality results, all materials, workmanship and testing are in accordance with the appropriate international specifications, standards and codes of practice. Methods of quality control are clearly defined and documented in the construction proposals and quality plans which are submitted to the Project Manager.

    Materials shall be safely stored to preserve their quality and condition in a manner that complies with the manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations. Hazardous materials will be properly stored and protected under current regulations.

    We understand our duty of care for waste, so therefore, constantly follow regulations and only dispose of waste at licensed waste facilities.

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