Shakespeare Globe Theatre


Project value: £17.5k

To accommodate the increased volume of visitors, the theatre redesigned and extended the new entrance and foyers.  We were contracted to deep grain fill and lacquer all the beautiful oak reception desks throughout including bar and cafe.  Time was of the essence as the main contractor had a time limit of 22 weeks to complete the foyers' refurbishment. We are extremely proud to have been a part of that teams success.

Virgin Atlantic

Project value: £23.5k

Virgin Atlantic Hangars for Gatwick and Heathrow Airports. We were asked to take on this project in-house due to the size from a sign company that had their own paint shop. We have a very large shop and specialise in high gloss finishes. Aluminium tail section was cleaned and fully dressed to cover welds and dents from fabrication followed by high build primers, silver base coat, candy apple top coat and layer upon layer of lacquer cut back, hand finished and polished. All letters masked with the use of 2 colours, wrapped and loaded on transport, all within time slot for airport security control.

Kings Cross University


Project value: £17k

We were recommended by the paint manufacturer to solve a paint problem at the U.A.L. relocation to Central St Martin's Granary Building. Previous contractors had painted exposed library lift shafts and scaffolding had been taken down before the problem was discovered. The 2 pack paint had not cured and the finish was very lumpy. Upon investigation it was discovered that the outside contractors, who were hired to apply the product, had failed to use the activator because it made the paint go off too quickly and they were unable to apply it. This problem was stopping this section of the library from being signed off putting the main contractor behind on schedule and with financial penalties. We, quickly with no fuss, carried out a full Site Survey, wrote a system and had it approved by a paint manufacturer all within 24 hours. We then entered the solution and plan with BAM Construction and started the next day. We brought in our own scaffolders and cherry pickers using 2 teams in shifts and re-sprayed complete lift shafts, out of hours and over the weekend, ready for sign off before penalties were imposed upon our Client.  We finished with 100% inspection, sign off and full written report.

Eon Power Station


Project value: £135k

We were offered the contract to shot-blast and re-paint a Gipson Absorber Tank. This project presented 2 problems.  First, its enormous size of 44m high and 17m diameter, the second problem was the power station ran 24 hours a day and this tank could not be shut down. All our Staff had to be re-trained with the up-to-date Power Station Induction and Full Site Health and Safety Accreditation. Due to size, position and cost it was easier to work from an extra large cherry picker rather than using scaffolding.  Jotun Paint Manufacturers completed an Inspection Assessment and Paint Protection Plan. To remove all existing surface paint, we proceeded to wet blast to minimise and confine dust and waste. We then applied 6 coats of primer and 2 top coats. Each coat was a different colour for easy inspection which was controlled and documented. Each completed coat had to be fully inspected and signed off by us, Jotan and the Eon's Maintenance Team.  Working at height produced its own problems mainly from the weather, as wind over 8 mph would stop work. This project was completed on time including entering full documentation electronically and by hard copy.  From this project we have quoted £27 million worth of work.

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