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Building regulations 2000 –
Access and use of buildings M1 and M2

May 2004 saw the introduction of the UK’s Building Regulations 2000. Access to and the Use of Building Parts M1 & M2 stipulating that handrails needed to be “slip-resistant and not cold to touch”.

Warm to Touch finish is now required by the Disability Discrimination Act (D.D.A), the D.H.S.S., the Environmental Health Agency, Regional Health Authorities, DEFRA and the ongoing legislation requirements of the E.U on handrails and balcony rails.

Mulberry & Pier Protective Coatings Ltd uses a coating designed for the long term cost-effective protection of metals, which is taking the industry by storm following tests showing that it is one of the warmest feeling coatings on the market. This feature is now proving to be a major breakthrough in the face of the new regulations in the United Kingdom.

One key attribute of the coating is a tactile quality that gives a “warm to the touch” feel.

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