The Benefits of our On-site Paint Finishing

At Mulberry & Pier Protective Coatings, we provide a wide range of on-site commercial paint finishing services to ensure our Clients receive the best coatings with minimal site disruption. Not only are we experts in creating protective coatings, but we can also do it in a remarkably short time frame thanks to our specialised equipment and talented team.

Fast Project Completion

To enable us to provide our on-site finishing service, we have a collection of specialised mobile equipment including hvlp guns, compressors, generators, lights, towers, scaffolding and cherry pickers. Ensuring that we’re always ready for action, our mobile equipment allows us to travel to your site immediately.

By coming straight to your site, we can complete your project in far less time because it avoids time spent transporting your assets to our factory and bringing them back to your site. As a result, our on-site finishing service is ideal for Clients who need a fresh coat of top-quality paint quickly.

Minimal Disruption To Your Site

We know that site downtime is far from convenient, which is why we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your site can remain open during refurbishment. Our aim is to complete your project without you even noticing we were at your site. To ensure our work does not negatively affect your site’s operations, we will quickly travel to you, work out of hours and complete projects at short notice. Whilst planning the completion of your project, we’ll work with you to determine an approach that causes the least disruption to your site.

Great For Active Sites

When a site is being created or refurbished, there are often numerous assets coming in each day that require a protective coating to bring seamless quality and protection to the finished structure. Having our team based at your site, will simplify the installation process and ensure that the finished structure is protected by a high-quality coating in less time because assets don’t have to be transported to and from our factory. Providing a further benefit, if any damage occurs to your property or assets during installation, our team is on hand to apply a paint finish to rectify the imperfection and ensure your site is aesthetically pleasing.

Top Quality Protective Coatings

We create long-lasting protective coatings on Clients’ sites for two reasons:

  1. We use the best mobile equipment and paints available
  2. We have an incredibly skilled team of paint finishers

To provide you with the best service possible, we’ve invested not only in our equipment, but in our staff. Our team aren’t outside contractors, but full-time employees that we’ve trained extensively to ensure no project is too challenging. As a result, our employees are competent in all aspects of site finishing and hold numerous certificates including CSCS, CCNSG, IPAF, Harness, First Aid, Train the Painter and our own bespoke comprehensive quality assurance paper trail. This experience and knowledge allows our team to deliver flawless protective coatings that look great and last years longer than wet paint coatings, saving you money in the long run.


No matter what your requirements, we will send our Mobile Team to your site and complete your project as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your site’s operations. We’ll go above and beyond to accommodate any requests you have and ensure that your site refurbishment is executed without a hitch. Our specialised mobile equipment ensures that we’re ready to leap into action and travel to your site in no time, bringing our talented Team of paint finishers with us. We’ll leave your site with a fresh protective coating that will last much longer than a standard coating of paint, reducing your maintenance costs and avoiding further site disruption.

If you’d like to learn more about our on-site spraying service, please contact us.