The Importance Of Fire Retardant Paint

The possibility of a fire breaking out at your property will always be cause for concern. The destructive nature of fire is challenging to control, but can be reduced with the right preventative measures in place. At Mulberry & Pier Protective Coatings Ltd, we’ll help you protect your site, occupants and assets from fire, using our carefully selected range of fire retardant paints.

Limit The Spread Of Fire

When a fire breaks out, every passing minute that the spread of the flames is diminished can significantly reduce the overall damage to your site. The purpose of fire retardant paint is to stop or slow down the spread of flames or fire across a surface. The most commonly used fire retardant paints release a flame dampening gas when they get too hot. By delaying the spread of fire, site occupants will have more time to safely go to the dedicated fire assembly point and the Fire Service will have a smaller fire to control.

Protect What’s Underneath

While some paints emit a gas to slow the spreading fire, others purposely char to protect the surface underneath the coating. Creating a protective layer, intumescent paints work by insulating the surface from the heat by swelling and charring when exposed to fire. Depending on the intensity of the fire and the brand of paint used, this layer of protection can last anywhere between half an hour to two hours. This protective layer can be the difference between having to buy completely new assets and refurbishing the surfaces of existing assets, thus creating significant cost savings.

Applied To A Wide Range Of Surfaces

Fire retardant paints can be applied to many different types of substrates including softwoods, hardwoods, fibreboards, chipboards, brick, stone, plasterboard, concrete and metallic parts. This means that you can protect your property’s floors, walls and ceilings and protect all your assets from fire.

Which Brand Of Paint Do We Use?

At Mulberry & Pier Protective Coatings Ltd, we use the Sayerlack range of high technology fire retardant coatings to achieve an enhanced level of protection. To assess their effectiveness, the fire retardant paints are constantly tested in accordance with British Safety Standards BS 476, Part 7. Their Polyurethane Coatings are certified to provide Class 0 protection to treated substrates and up-rate untreated substrate to Class 1 levels.

For customers that want to protect their assets while also ensuring they’re aesthetically pleasing, we use Sayerlack’s clear gloss fire-retardant paint. This unique coating combines fire-retardant properties with a flawless finish suitable for even luxury furniture, protecting your assets whilst enhancing their appearance.

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Why Work With Us?

We operate at our large factory HQ which allows us to complete massive projects in short spaces of time. We can quickly cover them with high-quality fire retardant paints which are proven to protect them and slow the spread of fire. Alternatively, we’re happy to travel to you and apply top-quality fire retardant coatings on-site. We’ve got a range of specialised mobile equipment which allows our skilled team to visit your site and complete your project with minimal site disruption. Our paint specialists are experts in applying flawless fire retardant paint coatings that look great and protect your site.

If you’d like to talk to a member of our team about our fire retardant paints, please contact us.